Nicole Ellis, Artist. Artwork in Fabric Works exhibition‘Nicole Ellis Fabric Works’, 26 January – 5 February 2011, Factory 49, Sydney, Australia

These works continue a dialogue between industrially designed fabrics and geometric abstraction. Discarded factory samples and everyday items such as doona covers and pillowcases are used to create medium sized wall works and larger three-dimensional works, which are free standing or leaning against the wall. Various sized tubes recall the rolls of industrial fabrics seen in countless haberdashery shops and factories worldwide.

As artifacts they reveal the continuity of design and manufacturing processes, a form of historical recycling: the old, the new and the old again, a continuing cycle of production, demand and re-invention. Ellis’s earlier Site Works were part of this project: large-scale paint skins, lifted or peeled back from the marked wooden floors of a clothing manufacturer’s warehouse. These fabric works were hung loosely or rolled as portable documents of everyday experience.

Nicole Ellis

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